No Notification Mail

A lot of people, including me, didn’t get a notification mail of the release of Renoise 1.5. Or weren’t there any send out?

it will be sent tonight

Strange that I haven’t gotten it…

and why you need it? you know about the release anyway :rolleyes:

what are you doing with that piece of mail telling u that you should download this fing amazin piece of audio proggies! right now! right this fin minute? <_<
you should definately do something else than whining about how hard life is :eek:

No need to get angry! :lol:

Not all Renoise users hang around the forum or check the site that often… I’m looking out for them. Version 1.5 is a big improvement and I think a lot of them are still using the old 1.281 and losing out on 1.5 because of this.

Well if that is the case a simple one line notification message without html will do the trick ;)

an alternate idea:
1] join the KvR community
2] go to KvR’s ReNoise page
3] click on the “+” sign

you will receive a notification mail when new versions of ReNoise will be released.