No One Gives You The Time Of Day...

Haven’t been on the boards for a while, life’s been rough. Hopefully I’ll contribute more. This is my first real attempt at DnB. How is it so far?

It’s 11:40 pm


The end is a bit… abrupt.

Loving that nasty bass. The drums could probably do with a few short fills here and there to keep it interesting… but other than that sounding pretty solid. Really like your dark eerie style, would love to collab with you one day maybe! Definitely the kind of drum & bass I want to produce more of.

Eager to hear the finished product!

I should have made it more clear that it’s a WIP. The bass is looping through an empty pattern at the end there, not intentional. Any other criticisms?

Thanks and I’ll keep you in mind! Variation in the drums is planned. I have to say I’m terrible at collaboration though, it’s hard for me to understand others’ creative ideas. I take months to finish songs too. I’ll sit on them for quite a while before they’re considered done. If you ever have something you think has potential for my sound send me a PM just in case.