No Response From

I registered a week ago, and got a receipt from, and is not responding to me. How long am I supposed to expect to wait to get my fully functional version?

It was a long time ago when I registered the program so I don’t know if this is correct, but didn’t you set up a User Name and Password during the purchase process? I seem to recall doing this…if you did do that, then you can go to this, login and download the full version…

I think you should have received two emails from Renoise people, immediately after purchase. If not, maybe there was some problem with emails…

Your request got trough, await instructions shortly.

it seems your email account is blocking mail sent by i have already replied to one of you mails, and from your response i understand you did not get any of them.

i will try to give you a call today so we can sort things out.

unfortunately i could not make a successfull call. Either i was too dumb or the number you have provided us with is invalid.

i am running out of options. do you have any other email addresses which are not filtered ? Alternatively you might want to search you mailboxes for mails sent by *, you should have recieved at least 2 mails. one on 2005-06-09 and the other one on 2005.06.07.

Yes, it’s entriely true, my Spam Sieve message filter was entirely toooooo sensitive. My registration was sent, I got it, I was just lame and didn’t remember to check my spam inbox! I am so elite, woot.

thanks everyone! Sorry for the grief!
-steve :rolleyes: