No Sound Anywhere Else While Renoise Is Working

when im using renoise under ubuntu 10.04, i just cant get sound from other sources, such as a youtube video or a dvd. but a youtube video+a dvd deliver the two outputs at once. moreover, maybe for the same reason, i just cant have any sound with jack. i have tried to add the pulseaudio-jack package, it doesnt help.
what could i try to solve this?
thanks a lot!

Renoise blocks any alsa output when launched, causing youtube player or any sound not playing

jack need alsa audiodevice being freed when launched, so if there any programm using audio is workin (like flash or any audio player) jack won’t launch

also flash player DOESN’T support audio output to jack without any workarounds, also most of players of video/audio like vlc/xine/mplayer(lots etc) need to be configured to use jack before starting audio/video stream. you can chooose audio output of that players in their preferences

so all you described is normal behaviour

It’s not exactly true “without workarounds”. What you need is proper configuration of pulseaudio to run with jackd module, and most application will start talking using jackd. But still - pulse audio sucks, and this solution needs pulse audio.

What I can suggest - can external audio interface, build on top of it your sound machinery and leave system sound card for system sounds.

And take a look there: - about jackd configuration…

isn’t using pulseaudio-jack for that purposes can be considered as workaround cause of lack of jack output in flashplugin? there’s also alsa-to-jack reroute, but damn flash sometimes just hands using it

I think that end user application (like media players / browsers) should not bother with jackd, but more on some high level sound system API, and that API should has jackd as output.


Linux audio is mess :)

<naive_mode>they should use libao or openal<naive_mode>