No Velocity With Vstis, Triggered From External Midi Keyboard?

Ever since I installed 2.7 beta it doesn’t “read” the velocity from my midi-keyboard anymore. It works fine with sample, but not with VSTs. No matter how light (or hard) press a key it plays the sound with the same about of volume. Then all of a sudden it’s like it realizes that something is happening and starts playing the sound so loud I get a red-bar at the top even if I just tap a key. Changing the volume on the midi-keyboard doesn’t make any difference either.

This may be a problem with the VST, but I thought I’d ask and see if anyone else noticed this?

Using: MAC OS 10.6.6, 2.7 beta (and in 2.6.1 now even), M-Audio Keystation 49e, and Tal-Elek7ro-II for example.

could you check if:
Edit => Preferences => MIDI => Record & Play Filter => Velocities
checkbox is checked?

Just double checked this on OSX as well. Velocity is passed to the plug just like its getting in (if you don’t have this Edit => Preferences => MIDI => Record & Play Filter => Velocities thing set).

But many plugs indeed do not directly map velocity to volume. Best might be to try this out with a sample player or a piano plugin.

The “velocity thing” is set or clicked.

Ok, I now realize, as Jenoki mentioned above, that some VSTs velocity controls the filter not the volume, but that still doesn’t explain why the volume shoots through the roof sometimes. It’s like you crank up an amp to eleven.

It could very well be my midi-keyboard that’s broken. I will experiment a bit more and get back to ya’ll. On the other hand, my Mac has been acting weird lately. uToob-videos not playing, webcam disconnects randomly, and whatnot. Maybe it’s just time to get a new one.