Noisa Doing Grime / Hip Hop?

I have no idea what they are saying but I like this track a lot!

15 mp3 files available from the above, look for “TRACKS DOWNLOADEN”.

thats some nice beat… i like the voice too.

i hate grime for replacing 2-step. i hate it bad :(

not that grime is bad but the fact that 2-step/uk garage completely DISAPPEARED around the year 2003 is really f****ed up because i really liked the genre :(

oh yeah… I really miss 2-step… but I still like this stuff

2-step not withstanding…

I thought it was cool that NOISA, a huge name in contemporary drum & bass, is doing random stuff on the side and giving it away for free.

Hey, don’t mean to hijack or anything…just wondering where I could find the free stuff of random from side. I checked out they’re myspace page and liked what I heard.

On the myspace page, scroll down, look for TRACKS DOWNLOADEN, those are all links to mp3 files.

nice stuff

Oh I meant the Noisia stuff. But I do like the beat on that track in the original post, nice and heavy. Thanks for the heads up. :)

Check your local / online retailer.

I just realized I’ve been spelling noisia incorrectly this entire time. Humiliated.

Check out HUSTLE ATHLETICS… also a side project of NOISIA…
Really really fooking awesome neurofunk breakbeat with more Dutchness
for the massess :)

Noisia stuff is ok in my opinion… Some really good noises and stuff, but it lacks a little something. Still f****ing excellent though.

For some REALLY good heavy shit, you need to listen to Distance and Boxcutter.

Now these dudes are RULERS