Noise Maker In The Sample Editor

Thats it… Just a simple Button in the sample generator that could generate noise (White, Pink, Grey, ect…)

I would Love that !

Overtune can easily create a white noise sample. Just use rnd() as formula, and set the ‘Times’ variable high, like 200.
You might be able to form that into pink/grey noise, I don’t know the exact formulas for that…

Ah, nice tip. thanks =)

iirc, it’s as simple as passing white noise through a lowpass filter. The cutoff values, i do not remember.

And then push the DC adjust button to compensate for the fact that (from a signed integer perspective) all sample values from rnd() are rendered as positive =)
(And then optionally amplify it by +6dB or push the “auto-normalize” button)