Noise Reduction Programs For Linux

I know it would make for a good word play, but seriously; is there a good way to do noise reduction in renoise?

Thing is I’m trying to build a piano from the MIS samples and especially the pp samples are very noisy. I tried with audacity, but I cannot make it sound good enough, it “stutters” the noise in the beginning of the sample.

I’m on linux, so some win/mac only vst suggestions are out of the question, unfortunately.


Yes, Noise Reduction is a problem on GNU/Linux…

I tried wine + Cool Edit 1.5 and it works.

Also Wave plugins (mastering edition) work under wine (with Steinberg Wavelab 5 for example, or Reaper).

Could be great to have something inside Renoise…


MIS samples? Musical Instrument Samples samples? Are the starter sounds noisy or does the noise happen once you record them onto your computer or are you talking about a sample pack?

What kind of noise is it? Is it a static noise that is present in every sample? High-pithed glassy glitchy sound? Low tone hissing sound? Equalizing is usually the way to go, but this also changes the sound more or less. There are some good commercial noise removing plugins and programs, but I can’t really suggest anything in particular for I haven’t tried any of them personally.

What I do in case I bump into low hiss or high glassy noise: open up an equalizer, use a sharp Q value and go through the frequency board and try to spot the ugliest noise parts. Then easen up the Q and start cutting until the sound starts to change too dramatically. This is noise reduction at its simplest and usually helps me around, but just barely.

Delicate use of the gate effect is also helpful when experiencing static noise in a loop or such.

Sorry should have been more specefic, I’m talking about the samples found here

Let’s take this (C4) as an example:

It’s pianissimo (pp) so very softly played. When I normalize a lot of hiss comes out. I tried your suggestion with a filter3 (lpf, butterworth 4n), but it seems the noise is spread through the whole frequency spectre :frowning: Also I’d like to maintain the crispness of the samples, and while removing noise this way sure helps, it’s eating up the crispness of the sample too…

That’s indeed an awful hiss, it’s all around the soundwave but it’s worst in the high-mid/high frequencies. My attempt at reducing some of the noise: click
I got rid of the lows and highs and did a few cuts around 5kHz. The sound did change dramatically though (with an additional reverb).


I never tried it, but it seems to be good for some stuff…


I really like your sound, I really do. But I’m trying as hard as possible to maintain the original sound. Maybe I should simply build the instrument with the hiss and then in a musical context later try various combinations of filters. If I find useful settings I could render the fx to samples and generate a new instrument with less hiss.

Thanks for having a stab at it!

Well that example is at around -36dB and as such is only actually using 10bits to record so there is going to be quantisation noise from that, plus the noise floor is going to be raised when you bring the level of the sample up to match everything else.

Personally I would say try and source better samples because at the end of the day you can’t polish a turd.