Noisecore Nut Banger


First experiments with Renoise. Finally got everything working that way I needed it to - this is all renoise, no external synths – although i sampled the hoover on my juno and my voice. Would of liked a thicker kick BUT WHO DOESN’T. The withdrawal pangs from Octamed may finally be purged. More2cum…

As a man who came from Teijo’s world of samples & MIDI shizzle up until about 5 years ago, I can safely say - good work! This genre isn’t 100% my cuppa, but I enjoyed it nonetheless! I think my mixing was an awful lot worse when I went through the same transitional phase.
It took me a while to ‘let go’ of OctaMED (even though I still have my amiga & external kit) and it’s taken me a fair while to get used to working without MIDI gear and with VST, but I’m certain it was worth it.

Is the stuff on your sites all OctaMED & MIDI then?

I must admit that 70% of the tracks floating around are Octamed with external gear, so it was mainly my sequencer but the next “official” album will be 98% renoise, I reckon gosh’darn’it! When I shout over punk guitarsit’s usually live bassist, live drummer, live keys. For now though, I’ve reverted to junk speakers and the stock pc output, tryin’ to keep it real lofi for all my brothers and sisters.

Protman, luv the pixxy skyline!!