Nokia's Top-secret Vst Plugins…st-plugins.html

From the blog:
“It’s the Nokia developers kit, which includes two VST plugins to simulate different models of mobile phone. One contains all the sounds available, the other models the speakers.”

Looks fun to play around with I haven’t tried it myself though…

Sounds interesting, but the link is dead(?)

now I downloaded it from the Nokia site (requires registration). but the installer seems buggy. Either I can’t press the next button or I can’t click to accept the license agreement. So no success so far.

I have the same installer problems… :(

I sent a report. I’ll notify if I get any news.
If anyone else wants to give it a try:

Download Nokia Audio Suite v1.1. Seemingly it also works without a registration.

Why would one try to emulate nokia cellphones while everybody is trying to get rid of them and placing their own favorite wav-file… (Like Jeroen Tel’s Robocop 3 intro :D)

Aaah our dutch breeze intro ;)