Noob (a Couple Basic Questions And A Introduction)

I am new to the renoise forums, ello. I apologize if I ask the same question you’ve all heard a million times. I’ve been dj’ing and messing around with drum machines for years and as of late decided to give the whole software thing a try. I’m really into enduser, venetian snares, drumcorps, doormouse and a ton of different styles of music altogether…Although ultimately what I want to create isnt like them it uses the same foundation of beat making. complicated glitched out stuff. I have a fully registered version of renoise and ableton live 6 and have been trying to figure out the learning curve to both. I got the dblue vst plugin today and have been messing around with it, and while its very fun its not teaching me at all how to program necessarily. some basic questions…

  1. ok, I’ve watched the tutorials songs and the beat slicing one is the one I am most interested in. Now I see that they’ve selected a drum loop that repeats 4 times. I know how to input a drum loop, then I manually change the bpm to get it to line up so that it repeats (is there a option that syncs this for you?) but then when the next patter comes in (sliced unchanged) there are a series of numbers i.e. 0900 etc that correlate to sections of that sample. then obviously it goes into the different variations and the beat gets all technical. This is my aim! (sorry for the long explanation)
    soo, the question is, how do I even input anything into that part of the column and assign pieces of the sample so that they do those effects? Is there a random generator you can use to get started on learning this and then go in to change it to see? (kinda like the vst plugin)
    All of these numbers and letters make no sense to me and reading that tutorial is like reading a trig book, maybe I’m just slow but I think I’m more of a “hands on” learner.
    I am willing to put in the time and effort to make this happen, I just need help. It seems as if that sample offset runs on the same principal.
    So if anyone would like to explain how to get started on doing this in the most basic way possible it would be much appreciated.

these numbers all mean something very specific and you gotta learn them…

it’s very easy… basicly… you’ll learn and remember each of them after using them once…

you can find the list in the tutorial… but let me copy/paste it for you…

00xy - Arpeggio (x=base note offset 1, y=base noteoffset 2) (Sample instrument related only)
01xx - Pitch Slide up (00 - ff) (Sample instrument related only)
02xx - Pitch Slide down (00 - ff) (Sample instrument related only)
03xx - Set Channel volume (00 - ff)
04xy - Volume slicer → x = factor (0=0.0, f=1.0), slice at tick y. (Sample instrument related only)
05xx - Glide to note with step xx (00 - ff) (Sample instrument related only)
06xx - Volume slide up with step xx (00–64) (64 x 0601 will slide from 0 to full, 2 x 0632 will do the same.) (Sample instrument related only)
07xx - Volume slide down with step xx (00–64) (Sample instrument related only)
08xx - Set panning (00 - ff)
00 - most left
80 - center
ff - most right
09xx - Trigger sample offset, 00 is sample start, ff is sample end . Offset positions are related to the total sample size in Renoise mode. The larger the sample, the more inaccurate stepping will be (Using Amiga/FT2 mode, ff means the 255th block of 256 bytes). (Sample instrument related only)
0axx - Surround width (00 - ff) (Sample instrument related only)
0bxx - Play sample backwards (b00) or forwards again (b01 → during play when sample is playing backwards). Tip:Use with 09xx to apply offset changes from an offset closer to the sample start. (Sample instrument related only)
0cxx - Set track-volume (00-ff)
0dxx - Delay notes in track-row xx ticks before playing. (00 - speed)
0exy - Retrig notes in track-row every xy ticks (y=ticks 0 - speed) The first digit (x) sets the volume of the retriggered sample. Value effects on volume for each retrig are (x):
0 No change
1 −1
2 −2
3 −4
4 −8
5 −16
6 *2/3
7 *1/2
8 No change
9 +1
a +2
b +4
c +8
d +16
e *3/2
f *2
0fxy - Vibrato x = speed, y = depth; x=(0 - f); y=(0 - f) (Sample instrument-related only)

X Yzz - Send zz (00 - ff) value to parameter Y (0 - e) of vst/dsp effect number X (0 - e) in the effect rack of the Track Dsp’s. To turn on or off an effect, send value F as Y parameter:
xF00 → Turn effect x off;
xF01 → Turn effect x on.

f0xx - Set BPM (20 - ff)
f1xx - Set songspeed (01–14, 00 = stop song)
f2xx - Set trackrouting to channel xx (00 is stereo output, other values determine upon your sound-card’s abilities. ASIO only!)
fb00 - Pattern break (don’t finish playing till the end of the pattern, jump to next sequence position from patternbreak point, you can only have one functional patternbreak command per pattern.)
fcxx - Set mastervolume (00 - ff)
fdxx - Delay complete pattern xx lines.
ff00 - Stop all track effects and notes.

and to input these… while in record mode, move over the effect columb and just type them on your keyboard… it shouldn’t be hard to figure out…

the 09 is by far the one I use the most often… its like splitting your sample into 256 parts and you can play any of these parts in any orders… at anytime…

I’m new to trackers too but I think these “effect codes” are pretty much the same in any other trackers…

I hope this helped you a little bit…

edit: I copy/pasted from the offline manual… but I think you should read this page:

cool thanks. Now I open it and click the record button (you get that red border) and i go over to the effect column and cant type anything in. I’m in record mode, I go to type in say 0900 and nothing will type. I know it has to be something so obvious, I just cant figure it out. heh.

Try use the arrowkeys (left/right arrow) and tab (shift+tab) to move sideways.
Then you can enter notes or numbers (btw you can’t use the numpad keys).

Hope that helps


download & check the video tutorials:

tho they’re made for an older version of renoise (1.5), it can help you learn the basics.

thanks. I watched those tutorials and knew about 90 percent of that stuff. I am still having trouble figuring out how to do the whole sample offset/beat slice thing. how to assign it and so on, and what all the different little things mean and how to assign them. I only wish the tutorial explained a little better at inputting the different effects. The annoying thing is I know that once I “get it” its going to be so easy! Is there any kind of random sample offset generator (like the dblue vst) that will map it all out so I can play around with it?

check your pm :)