Noob Rewire Q

im trying to rewire renoise as slave to plogue bidule,because thats the best way to incorporate the 2 programs in my live setup

but heres a embarresing q :rolleyes:

how do i get the separate channels from renoise to separate channels in bidules mixer?

do i create a renoise rewire device in bidule for every renoise channel i want to use?? :blink:

Had to download the demo of bidule hehehe
The rewire device in bidule has multiple outs
Each one is a renoise bus which can be chosen on the renoise mixer
I havent really used bidule at all but i assume you just drag a connection from the rewire device outputs to its mixers inputs

I’m pretty sure that will do it but if it doesn’t let me know and ill run bidule again and save a setup or something with it working ;)


thanks for going through the trouble bungle :D

you should really try out bidule btw,its really cool.

thanx will try and see if i can get it working

just tried and still cant get it to work.

if i choose on of the busses i get no sound

if i choose mix l/r i get the sound,but still only on 1 channel in bidules mixer,i must have overlooked something overvious gotta take a break.

bungle if you could make a set-up with it working and send it to me that would be sweet :rolleyes:

I got it working pretty easily but it crashed soon thereafter.

no idea how to record anyway.

no worries i figured it out,was kind of easy actually,it most have been my lack of sleep that made me overlook things.

a man needs his sleep right :D


Theres a Bidule file anyway in case anybody searchs for this and comes across the topic ;)