Noob Seeking Help

So I’ve recently begun the switch from Reason 4 to Renoise. The whole thing is that, while I liked Reason, it’s sequencer wasn’t able to do the things I wanted to do and the lack of VST plugin support was a real downer. I’ve switch over to Renoise, and from my limited exposure, it’s great, I have alot of fun using it.

My first question: Is it possible to use Renoise a MIDI sequencer from AudioMulch using something like LoopBe1 or MIDIYoke? Or should I use something like REAPER or Energy XT and then Rewire it to Renoise?

My other question is…

Is it possible to use export something from AudioMulch into Renoise as a pattern? Or will I have to take what I’m doing in AudioMulch, export it as a sound file and than beat slice it in Renoise?

Once again, I’m new to using my computer to make music, and my knowledge is limited. Any help is appreciated.



I was doing it this way and it was taking for every. As I said, I’m new to working with alot anything outside of Reason 4. :)

Ok. Thats the trouble I’m have, I am able to load my VST plugins in to Renoise, so thats working out well. Something that I wasn’t able to do in Reason. Cool, thanks for the advice. I’m working with plugins like DBlue Glitch and I’m using my keyboard, that some built in MIDI capability to it. I’ll probably just ditch AudioMulch and working with Renoise than.