Noobing with an external VST

(liimo) #1


this maybe silly, but I just cracked Renoise open and I’m still quite lost, despite a decade and a half with trackers. I have the Massive my Native Instruments and it responds to notes and all that, but I’m guessing I can input commands into the pattern, to control the rotaries of Massives parameters, right? I’m absolutely baffled and unable to find anything related to my question, partly because I can’t find the right search terms. Please, help!

(Zer0 Fly) #2

if you want to automate massive (aside from its editor, which you will find in the “plugin” tab) you will want to load an “*instr. automation” device to a track, it is like an effect, and can give you access to vst plugin parameters.

(liimo) #3

Thank you! I love this place already, much appreciated!