Noodletrap - Is this a Piano Roll Substitute?

Never seen that happen.

So, you are saying that snapback doesn’t place your cursor to it’s position? Mine does. How so?

EDIT: I found that it was because snapback value was set by variable. Still not sure why it behaved like this.

EDIT: No, it wasn’t the case. Seems that it was because “mouse warping” turned on

I found an old gifanim. Just as proof/inspiration :slight_smile:

PS. It’s a bit difficult for a no0b to design a full canvas/object system. Especially how to think about click events (support for various behaviors depending on if a registered sub-area of an object is clicked). Not sure how many “layers” (classes) that are sensible to get all these operations and flexibility working… Of course it should all harmonize with the general API syntax itself (event callbacks…observables…)


Hi Joule!

I am very interested in knowing how to move a button with xypad hidden in the background, by clicking with the mouse.Could you share a script that shows the basics to do that? That is, a window with its area and the xypad in the background, and what is needed to make it work (move the button horizontally). Xypad also works vertically, so I suppose vertical movement should be possible too.

I have no idea how to build the xypad in the background.But if I had an example with a basic and functional script, I think I could do great things with this.Maybe you can add the script in the LUA cheat forum?