just spent the last week making a well complex 200bpm jungle song with loads of time spent chopping up two or three breaks on one of the tracks - played it a few times before i went out last night - all was fine, open it today and the track containing the breaks has disapeared - f****!

i’m 100% sure i didnt accidentally delete it - maybe i did, but shit, all that work - now i feel sick about trying to reproduce it…

any way to get at the undo data to check- a la excel?

shit, shit, piss

oh yeah - using the new beta release and already uninstalled the last stable version - double shit and shit again i tells ya

Have you did a start/search of the harddisk for .xrns maybe you accidently saves somewhere else then where you’d expect it? Also there are programs out there that let you recover deleted data, google search & good luck.

well - i have the .xrns but just one of the tracks has dissapeared! - damnit

then you are MF DOOM’ed

Have you checked if there is any autobackups?

preference/misc autobackup…

How about unzipping the xrns and take a look at it (the song is plain xml)? If the track is not completely deleted, you should be able to locate it…hopefully…

thanks for the advice but there doesn’t seem to be any backup saved - dammit - i’m just gonna have to redo the whole drum track it seems - ah well, practice makes perfect innit

There is still the auto-backup feature that you could use.
Its in there, you only need to check it.

believe me - i have now checked the box!

you can get the xml file here

also replace song.xml with esdab.rar and you’ll get a massive file of classic breaks and beats in rex/wav format from an old DOA thread.

Hmmm…I can see the following tracks


exactly - the one called breaks is missing - i cant see how its been deleted either as its quite a specific action to delete a track using the mouse or keyboard shortcuts -

like i said - i didn’t think so - but it does look like it was deleted - i’m just gonna have to put it down as an accident and get working on the breaks again- - thanks for looking though, much appreciated!

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