I’m taking a break from my crappy hometown to visit some pals in Norway again. I’m currently in Bergen for a few days until Wednesday. Then I’ll be in Trondheim for a couple of weeks. Then Oslo for a couple of weeks. After that I dunno, probably back to Trondheim for a bit longer.

Just wondering if there’s anything cool/interesting going on that some of you Norsk Renoisers can recommend? Any bars with good music where you guys like to hang out?

Any tips for spotting a Renoiser on the Norwegian streets? hehe. We need ID badges or something.

You should also note that our norwegian brothers are a very shy breed. Very seldom do they ascend their hairy litte feet from their treehuts to forage twigs and nuts

I’m a norsktracker! I live in Norway!

So you are to be in Trondheim! Cool! The vikingtown!
Then you must see the 1000 year old church, Nidarosdomen!
And visit the Island, Munkholmen.
On this Island is a house, with a chamber that is totaly hemispheric.
It was used for gunpowderstorage. So its in wood! No sparks please!

I was there and me and my pal sung there! Amazing grace.
The reverberant sound in this chamber is unique in all the world.
There is none like it! A must hear!!!

Bars, well You have the usual hideouts like Downtown and 3B
But there’s a really nice Irish pub thats called Kings Cross, very nice!
Choose Carling Lager, its the best! And Shepperds Pie, sweeeeet!
Then theres a good eating place called Green pepper, or Egon.

And if you go to the cinema, choose “Prinsen”.
And room 5 “sal 5” is the best. row 9 middle.
A pal of mine programmed the computers there, so thats the sweetspot!
He’s a studiotech btw.

Yupp, great town!


On a sidenote, my cousin lives in Trondheim :)

if you’re going to bergen visit ‘Garage’ (rock bar with alot of kewl underground bands), ‘Ugla’ (if you’re into 40-70 years old fat chix that’s very horny and yugoslavian bands that cover creedence:D), ‘Roof’ (If you want to get laid), ‘Miles Ahead’ (alot of good techno, etc. Ralph Mayers from the ‘Ralph Mayers and the Jack Herren Band’ dj there every thursday i think) other places? hmm… sagosen should know this too.

On Bergen I’d just have to say “agree”. Also, you have Metro for good-looking but uptight chicks.

In Oslo you already know Sikamekaniko, right? You should also check for some wicked psycedelic trance happenings. They should have a new, big location now! If you decide to go there with your buds lemme know. :P

No real big happenings now as far as I know, tho…

…and while you’re in that hemispheric chamber with the nice reverbiation, don’t forget to record an impulse response ;)

Yeah thats one good Idea!
I’ll try to do this myself one day!

Mic must be in senter of the room. There’s a dead spot from just outside the center
to the circumference along the “eh” wall.

We’ve been thinkin about recording a song there actually!
Cool IT-Ailien, this is a good place for music.
Amazingly small planet this is… :)


Cool. Thanks for the replies and info so far… keep them coming!

I left Bergen this morning and I’m in Trondheim now. Gonna be here for a couple of weeks so I’ll try to check out the places you guys have mentioned here. The reverb chamber place sounds really interesting!

My friends here (Woha & Dwave) have mentioned places like 3B too, so I’ll probably check that out sometime. Rock isn’t usually my thing, but I don’t mind headbanging to some good live shit once in a while :)

As for Oslo, yes I’ve been to Sikamikanico a few times (visited Oslo twice last year). Pretty cool little place. I went to Serum once as well (the smaller old venue I guess), for a psy party which I can’t remember the name of. It was also a nice, cosy place. Very intimate vibe.