Not Another Beyonce Remix

Hey there. Many of you will be aware of the Beyonce remix competition hosted by her record company and Soundcloud. I didn’t want to take part in it, but I downloaded the vocal anyway. As I was messing around with it I realized that the chords to the Talking Heads’ Road to Nowhere would be a good match for the vocals. In fact, the Talking Heads track has the exact same base chord. I still had to mess around with the pitch shifter and the tempo sync to make it work, but it wasn’t too hard (not exactly Ableton easy, but still pretty easy). So here it is.

It’s a pisstake, but I kinda like it for some reason. Hope you lot do too.

Oh, and the new multitap delay presets came in handy. I’ll have loads of fun messing around with it in the future.

The Beyonce part doesn´t seem to work.

Hmmm, I listened again, and I don’t hear it. Sounds fine to me, from a technical vantage point (levels, mixing, it’s in tune (mostly), etc.). If it is an uneasy combination to your ears for another reason, so be it. (cries)

Nice mashup! I like that it’s Not Another Beyonce Remix indeed. ;)
BTW I downloaded the stems already like 3 days ago, maybe I should finally chop them for some track.

I was too lazy to chop them into anything interesting. But Beyonce’s good some good pipes on her. I’m guessing we’ll hear a lot of these vocals in the future, but maybe not in a recognizable form. Keep chopping!

Talking heads swings it for me. Quite a surreal mash-up but I reckon it works. Nice, thunderous bass too :)

Thank you, In-Fluence.