Not Being Underderstood

I was watching a great DVD called ‘Scratch’, which is about the birth of the DJ and the art of making a turntable an instrument in its own right. Great film, btw, but it had this bit where a sound theorist was talking.

While he was talking they played kooky music in the background and moved the camera around erratically. It made him appear ‘crazy’ and unfounded in what he was saying.

Trouble is, I found what he was saying to be perfectly reasonable. He was talking about an esoteric relationship between the flow and evolutionary position of DJing in terms of the greater cosmological scheme of things. This is pretty heavy stuff, but not be scoffed at, or brushed aside.

In presenting his ideas in such a way the audience can just simply not bother to understand what he was saying. In fact, if I were in his shoes, I’d be embarresed by such a portrayal. The communication is undermined.

This is the issue: have you ever felt that youve had higher order ideas (such as thoughts about music, existence, etc) that you’ve found impossible to articulate to most people? Do you feel as you’re ending up appreciate as much as ‘the crazy man on the Scratch DVD’? Do you feel that no one is really listening?

I constantly feel I have to silence myself, in order to appear ‘normal’ and ‘reasonable’. I hide all the mosterous ideas to myself, and they only usually manifest in lyrics, which people take little interest in. If I put them out there people usually find it uncomfortable.

Has anyone felt the same? What could be done to help this?

I experience this a lot too. It may be a case of people having enough of their own crazy ideas to deal with without wanting to hear any more. Whenever I do connect though, it’s usually in one of these three situations:

(1) It’s with my dad or my brother- they both have similar ways of thinking to me, and undersand me pretty well;

(2) It’s with someone I’m in love with (doesn’t often happen :) );

(3) All participants in the conversation are on good drugs.

ignorance is bliss.

i think thats the reason theres a very small percentage of people that actually are searching.

i totally agree with you.
the only people i find i can have any kind of interest in conversing with is people that have been to the depths.