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Some sick sick people have made these animations…

:lol: this reminds me of something… a more raw variant of ren and stimpy? ;)

obviously you haven’t seen the NEW ren & stimpy :(

the moral is, don’t

I saw some amazing cartoons before by Frederico Vitali or something called Lava Lava. Was totally hysterical, but now I can’t find it anywhere… Lost my VHS, was stolen or something (army duties, crappy people).

Happy Tree Friends is an old favourite of mine… :)

I have acctually not seen ren & stimpy since I went to senior high school and that was almost 10 years ago…

Yaiiiyaiiyaiii! Looking forward to see the new Ren & Stimpy episodes. I read about that in an interview. Do you know where to get some more info? Hopefully they will come to german tv.

Ren & Stimpy forever! :drummer:


ren f****ing stimpy in the ass, for starters

no, it just isn’t funny anymore. it’s trying too hard to be shocking/controversial, and the jokes are lame. the original series had WAY more character.

I have no memory of the original series, and I haven’t seen the current series, but I’m with Gwilym on this one, 100%.

Yep. I have never seen Ren & Stinky ever before, but I agree. Totally. I’m compelled. U rewl Gwilym! :yeah: