Not Into Synths? Lacking Inspiration?

I stumbled across this synth today. It’s incredibly simple and easy to use, yet it’s so useful and it works beautifully with Renoise. It only has nine parameters so you can use an Automation Device to control it in your effects rack which makes it looks like this:

What’s really great is that Renoise’s other tools compliment it perfectly, for example try the Velocity and LFO devices. It just feels locked in, and it sounds great too.


ps this is apparently a clone of a Buzz synth orginally made by Arguru :)

How about a Mac version? :) Or something resembling? It looks very interesting with being so simple and all :)

The ‘chord’ parameter alone makes this well worth having in your arsenal.

simple but effective …thanks
Does anyone has the same problem …when i play the instrument trough the master track is sounds duller then when played trough an individual track ( no effects applied and I didn’t touch the faders ) …this also happens with a few other instruments …it’s like there is an invicible lp filter on the master track …Verry strange

Thats weird because the audio on an individual track goes through the master track aswell… Have to investigate this.

it’s ok,
see this thread …master track ignores velocity of vst’s when played via keyboard ( so when velocity is assigned to cut of …when played live through mastertrack the velocity is ignored …this ofcourse doesn’t matter when you’re sequencing any vst’s )