Not Sure How To Embed This

just figured out how to use:
Renoise 2.10 (of course) + Dblue’s Tapestop + Massive
Camstudio (to record screen and sound)
SUPER © (for FLV conversion)
Jwplayer & skin (to play the FLV)
googlepages (to host)

I just can’t seem to figure out how to embed this on here, if possible not sure, keep thinking I need to add some form of an ID to somewhere.

Nifty! :yeah:  



nice player, nice tune, nice automation!

I don’t know what “SUPER © (for FLV conversion)” is, but can’t camtasia output it to the correct file extension?

Nice tunage btw :)

He’s using Camstudio, which is a Camtasia Studio competitor.

Oi! Thanks Dblue! :) I can totally fill in the blanks now! :yeah:

there are a bunch of nice plugins for this thing over at
not sure what to do with any of them yet though, I imagine you probably already know this now though. :)

Jonas, I was having troubles with camstudio’s swf writer.
this stuff is kinda tricky with odd sizes and a 10MB limit.
I worked on these for like the past 4 hours I think, trying to figure out the best encoder an such.
For these I used Riva FLV Encoder, it does not accept odd sizes like super does but super writes larger files for some reason. both super and Riva FLV Encoder using FFmpeg.
the 10mb limit on googlepages, isn’t really acceptable for this sort of thing. but i can try! :D

Thanks Charlylinch & Jonas, I like it too!
here is more: the first is completely different, and the 2nd is the same one from the top but all the way through. which isn’t very much 2nd one has a bass pop so Please. Beware. type=“application/x-shockwave-flash” allowfullscreen=“true” width=640 height=540 [/embed]

has bass pop @ 00:30 width=640 height=540 allowfullscreen=“true”[/embed]

I’m going to shamelessly shill for my employer here, but check out Jing:

It has certain limitations (a 5 minute limit, and it only records in mono), but it’s free and it creates swfs of any dimension and any size (up to 5 minutes). It also comes with a free account on our content-hosting service.

I installed Jing last night before I went to videohelp and got riva flv~ but I didn’t use it as it forces me to register an account. Maybe I will try it later on, since you work for them. along with it using the techsmith codec, does it also have H.264?
essentially now looking for a H.264 encoder, so I can get those really clean recordings, that paired hopefully with something allowing odd sizes. keeping everything very small in filesize.

seems FFmpeg’s MP4 is the only one allowing me to do odd sizes though.

The most I could do is adjust my res and run renoise fullscreen, but I mostly want to record certain screen elements, like LFO chains, sometimes even just the LFO curve.

another thing is some of these screen recorders I tried last night don’t know how to accept input from the Delta 2496’s monitor output.

It does force you to register an account with an email address but we don’t do anything with that information, it just becomes your userid and we send out the occasional maintenance alert.

h.264 encoding is what you get when you pay for an upgrade to Jing Pro, which is $15/year. (swf video comes with the free version, but it’s a lot bigger, as you mentioned.)

Just as an example I am typing this as I’m recording an mp4 in Jing:

re: the audio, Jing just uses your OS’s default input, so whatever that is is what you’ll record.

Ha, Nice one! :) You are using the h.264 encoder?

Oh hey! how well does Jing Pro record in full screen for a game engine like Unreal3?

Yeah, that’s the h.264 encoder, which spits out mp4 files.

Depends on your system. h.264 is very processor-expensive, and one of the nice features of Jing is that it encodes while you record (so that you can share immediately after hitting Stop, instead of waiting for the video to encode)… but the tradeoff is that if you are feeding the encoder stuff that’s hard to encode it hits the framerate, hard. I’m running a minimum-specced machine at home (P3.0 Ghz, 1GB Ram) and the framerate I get on a fullscreen video game is very, very choppy. That said, I’ve seen people recording World of Warcraft at fullscreen and get very good results with Jing Pro - because they had hot-rodded gamer machines." type=“application/x-shockwave-flash” allowfullscreen=“true” allowscriptaccess=“always”