Not The Best In The World, Not Even The Second Best

I’m posting this here because I did all this stuff in Renoise.
I ask one thing, and that is that I love criticism, as long as it’s instructive.


Oh boy, where to start, so many tracks!

Overall, try to work on your melodies so they seem more distinct and lively, as right now they feel supa flat. I’m not sure whether the Harmonic Constant Mess thingies are supposed to be a parody or genuine songs, and that’s a bit of a bad thing.

You’ve got some okay ideas, you just really need to spend some more time on not making them so awkward and offbeat. And, for the love of god (insert entity here), please do not use renoise’s basic extended instruments! They sound like crap unless you really modify them with the EQ, flangers, and chorus and such, which isn’t really the case in some of the songs. The LoFi drum set does go well with the video game vibe, but try to be on the lookout for different downloadable drums and loops. They can really give your tracks that needed flavor that they mostly lack right now!

As a final word of advice, try to change things up more often without sacrificing whatever beat is still there. Chop them drums like you’ve never chopped before and alter the ridiculously repetitive melodies once in a while and you should be set.

Hope that helped, bit of a newbie to Renoise here myself, but those were my first impressions and… yeah.

No problem at all, I needed that. Thx!