Note And Effect Column.


Is there a way to controll parameters:
in one track with 2Note colum but 2 instruments !
I want to controll 01Instrument Offset and 02Instrument glide (just fore demonstrate waht i search).
I dont want to use 2 track for this, so there’s a way to controll two instrument in one track?

If not, i think this is a good idea (like Jeskola Buzz with Matilde tracker and lots of Generators us this way).


currently all the samples in the track will follow the commands like you suggested.
so you, indeed, have to use seperate tracks if you want to use multiple commands at the same time.

mostly this is also what you want. Because this way you can adjust each instrument seperately in the mixing stage.

what you ask is not possible. I wonder what would a solution for this according to you?
some time ago I suggested an assignment column, hidden by default, which let you decide if a command should be assigned to all the note columns in a track or to a single specific column, but the idea was not accepted because, although it would transparent to the newbies and not difficult to use, it would indeed crowd the interface:

00 (default) => the command will affect all the note columns
01…0F => the command will affect only column 01…0F

00 | C-4 01 -- -- | C-4 02 -- -- | 01 0110 <= apply 0110 only to the first note column  

I LOVE that idea, It-Alien!!

thanks, I love it too :)

for the record, the column would have only one digit, not two like I wrote in the above message.

00 | C-4 01 -- -- | C-4 02 -- -- | 1 0110 <= apply 0110 only to the first note column  

nice idea,i like it too

what’s so difficult about using two separate tracks for this? :blink: