Note-Cuts (Noteoff On Same Line) No Longer Recorded

I was attempting to test the nudging and quantize processing effects upon recorded notes when i noticed that note-cut effects are not recorded into the panning column to send note-off commands on the same line.
These were recorded perfectly in the past. Something happened in that area?

You need to be clearer with your post but this sounds very similar to another thread that cropped up recently. The guy was using a low LPB and found his delayed notes (around 50-60 in note column) sounded find but the ones that started at the start were a lot longer, although it didn’t sound so when he played it. From that I came to the conclusion Fx commands weren’t recoded as played. Did they used to be? Has this actually changed? Nobody with more experience of live recording seemed to want to reply to shed further light on the other thread…

Note Cuts are not Note Offs. For samples they will immediately shut off the sample, ignoring sustain settings. Because of this reason (and I think along with the note delay feature in Renoise 2.5) we decided to not use them anymore.

So for now, you have to use higher LPB settings to retain very short note durations while recording.

Ok, a pity though, for plugins this worked nicely. But raising the LPB will do for me. Not everybody is satisfied with that idea though.

C’mon, note cuts are back, but somehow the seem not to cut off notes from plugins… That’s kinda frustrating because you cannot make some stuttery, fast rythms without rendering plugin to sample, so you cannot tweak it anymore. Is there any other way to deal with it? What’s the difficulty of making note cuts cut off the midi note? If developers read this: can it be done? On LPB 8 I(as well as many renoisers) can’t see shit in pattern editor.

Thanks in advance

Put your Cx volume cut command in either the volume column or panning column and it should work.

I’ve just tested it with about 20 different VSTi plugins - a mixture of freeware and commercial - and I can confirm that it works fine there.

I can also confirm that the 0Cxy volume cut command is not working on plugins when placed in a standard effect column. Possibly a bug or something we have simply overlooked when revamping the commands in 2.8. We’ll have to look into it further.

Edit: The 0Cxy command is “Cut volume to x after y ticks”, so this was clearly only designed to work with samples, not plugins. Maybe we can also make this command work with plugins by simply sending a regular note off instead, but, since we already have Cx which already works fine with plugins when triggered via the volume and panning column, I don’t think this is really very important to fix.

Man, I didn’t expected that Cx in vol or delay column, and 0Cxx in command line will differ so I didn’t even tried Cx. But anyway thanks, it solves my one of the most difficult problems in renoise.