Note data export

Hi… I aint been here in a while… been busy.

Is there any way to export the note data from a single track into a text or other file?


Is it possible to write a plugin to save a tracks note data?


Is there a specification of the RNS file format so I can write a converter tool?



not at the moment.

new version will have clipboard in xml format as far i can see in the current internal build.

This was a quick hack by me and pulsar. I am not sure when this functionality will make it to the release builds, because song-document structure is heavily changed these days. however, it will be part of the upcoming network/teamwork-support, I am working on as a freelancer.

I cannot give you details or a timeline, but expect nothing before the end of the year, since I am doing this in my spare time for fun and does not really have much of it :-/


PS: As soon as song-document structure stabelizes, I will make the clipboard working immediately, if there is serious interest from you out there…

Would it be possible for someone to send me all the save code for RNS’s so I can write a loader/converter? Or even just the save code for track data in a pattern and a way to calculate the offset in the RNS to start from?