Note Delay Column Trouble - Am I Doing This Correctly?

Hello Everyone,

I’m using NI Battery for drums and I’m trying to delay certain kick drum notes by a set amount of ticks via the note delay column (Cmd+Shift+D). According to the manual, I should be entering a value between 00 and FF. So far, nothing is being delayed (I’ve even gone as far as putting an extreme delay value of E0). Perhaps there is something more that needs to be done? Does my song/VSTi have to be setup a certain way for note delays to work?

what happens if you substitute that note with a non-vst instrument note?

I tried it with one of the pre-packaged samples just now (Bass Hit 01.flac) and still no dice.

Edit: Also tried one of the instruments (guitarPlucked.xrni) and same result.

well, then is my only guess that you are actually changing the panning column instead of the delay column or something. sorry that i can’t be of any more help but that’s all i can think of right now.

Also, using the alternate delay note technique (Dx) in the volume column has no effect either.

I’m using Renoise 2.1.0 on OS X 10.6.2, BTW.

No worries, Maes. I’m pretty sure I’m using the correct delay column based on the little status message (“Set Note Delay (0-FF)”) that pops up in the bottom-left corner of the Renoise window whenever I input a new value.

I’ve searched around (even through Google) and it seems like I’m the only one having this issue.

could you please upload an XRNS file which shows te problem?

if not, a screenshot of a track would also help

Sure, here you go: note_delay_problem.xrns

I put the delay (E0) on the second Hi-hat note. On my end, it’s not delaying that note.

Wel it’s because you use such a high lpb setting ( 32 ) that you can not hear the delay ,unnoticable
Try lowering the lpb and insert 2 notes on the same line,one without a delay and the other with a delay …you’ll notice the difference.

gentleclockdivider is right: you are delaying the note by less than 1/32nd of note. actually, if you ask me, I can hear the delay, anyway it’s hardly noticeable

just a correction regarding what you wrote in the first post. the delay column values do not delay the note by ticks: the value you put in the delay column is a value ranging from 0to 255 because internall each row is divided into 256 “slices”, so if you put 80 into the delay column, the corresponding note will be played at the middle of the row. the Dx and 0Dxx commands,instead, do work with tick values

Ah, I see now. Thanks everyone!