'Note delay' doesn't work if 'note cut' is used on

EDIT: Header should say " ‘Note delay’ doesn’t work if ‘note cut’ is used on the same line ". It was cut short for some reason…

Let’s say that you have a looping waveform playing note every line. You are using command “C04” to cut notes after 4 ticks so that it isn’t playing legato. You also wanna delay every second note for some groove by using either delay column or using command “Q” but when you do, it doesn’t have any effect. Only when you remove note cut commands, you hear the delay effect.

There are ways around it like creating an envelope with a short decay, but was wondering if there is any technical reason why these two commands doesn’t work at the same time? Even if you use high value for note cut and low value for note delay(meaning that note cut shouldn’t happen before the delayed note starts playing), it doesn’t seem to work.