Note Glides

Hi folks,

Once again sorry to be a naive one but can anyone explain how to make a note slide (convincingly) to the next note.

I think I need to use the 05 effect command but I’m a little stuck (hex and everything). I’m creating a sort of funky bassline and on a couple of sections the notes need to slide to the next one as they would on a real bass guitar I guess.

Has anyone done this convincingly (i.e without it sounding like a slidey Amiga mod if you know what I mean)

Once again, thanks for any help, and hail to the renoise team

Use the 05xx-command with the fastest slide value and slide from the lowest note to the target, while having every halfnote in between on a separate line.
I understand that what I just wrote is totally incoherent, so here comes an example:

(slide from G-4 to C-4)

G-4 ----
F#4 05ff
F-4 05ff
E-4 05ff
D#4 05ff
D-4 05ff
C#4 05ff
C-4 05ff

The G-4 denotes the start note and shouldn’t have a 5xx-command after it.

The following half-notes have a 05ff after them, the ff-part saying that we want to slide as fast as possible. We do this because we want the sample to snap to the half-note as soon as possible (which is what we would experience if we slid our fingers over the frets), instead of “bending” into position. You might have to play the pattern faster, if you want a faster slide.

aaaahhhh now I see. I think I was getting confused before as to where to place the actual commands and I didn’t know you needed each semitone. Works a treat. Thanks mate :yeah:

You’re welcome. :)

You don’t need each half-note, but since you wanted a stepped slide, I thought it’d sound the best. If you want a soft slide, you could do:

G-4 ----
C-4 0510
— 0500
— 0500
— 0500
— 0500
— 0500
— 0500

or something like that. :)