note length

is it possible to extend the note length ? am i missing something very noobish

frustrating when using midi controller to make a piano riff only to get to a high note and have the sampled sound cut off after a micro second

The way the sampler achieves different notes is by literally playing the sample back faster and slower to change the pitch, so the higher the note, the faster the sample will play. If you need a longer note length, you should set loop points and/or use multi-samples (more samples to map to different notes). Unless I just misunderstood your issue.

  1. use longer sample

  2. loop (part of) the sample

Perhaps create an instrument with several samples (at least one by octave).

Because if your C3 note is 1sec, C4 will be 0.5sec, C5 will be 0.25sec, C6 will be 0.125sec and so on…