Note Off Adsr Release

I just had a thought…

When you stick a NOTE OFF on a track it stops the sample playing dead. There is not decay or release (no envelope is used.

In cubase you can use a different envelope on every piece of audio on the arrange page. You can copy a sample a million times and graphically apply a different envelope to each one…

Is it possible to make a sample smoothly roll off its volume when you use a NOTE OFF, or is it a case of copying the sample/instrument and applying an envelope to it in the normal way (and using mildly annoying trial and error to get the ending just right!)


you could set up a sustain in the evenlope: when there is sustain, the volume level keeps on the same value until a note off is triggered, after which the envelope continues until end.

maybe you missed the sustain button?

also fadeout can be useful: it is a quite barebone feature, which subtracts its value to the wave value (value range is 0…65535) at each tick

Thanks for the rapid reply lads!

Ill check out those features… To be fair, I am not so hot on the really technical aspects of Renoise like this… Thanks for pointing them out; I’ll get on and learn them!


Just checked out that sustain button…

That looks like just the ticket I need!!

Yay Renoise.