Note Off Command ?

When using my midi controller kybd… to record into renoise (as opposed to the qwerty kybd) on release of a note or notes… i get the ‘OFF’ command in one of the columns… which is fine :D

All I want to know is… how do I put these ‘OFF’ commands in manually ?
Step time editing etc…

Fantastic Software by the way… Very pleased with my purchase…

Also whilst I’m here:

Im Running a P4 3.4 GHZ Pc Win XP etc…
I can run 8 to 9 VSTi’s with the odd DSP effect added…

Korg Legacy Digital (Korg M1 & Korg WaveStation)
Arturia MiniMoog
Novation V-Station
Native Ins PRO 53
Native Ins FM7
Novation Bass Station

I have set the Latency to 5ms within the config section of renoise, This gives me almost immediate responce from my usb/midi keyboard when triggering anyone of the above VSTi’s… however when playing back a FULL TRACK I get crackles & Pops… the only way I have found to eliminate this is increase the latency to 50ms… which inturn gives me a delay from key-press to sound-out!!.. Just wondered if anyone had any other solutions for this ?

Paul (UK)

Caps lock = Note off.

Thanks :rolleyes: