Note Off Doesn't Seem To Work...

Hi all,

I’m working on a new track and something’s wrong : my notes off doesn’t seem to work anymore…

In fact, i have many instruments loaded and amongst them, only one VSTi, and this is the only instrument for which the notes off work.

So maybe i have enabled a secret function of Renoise (1.9.1 final) by mistake ?

Ow, and there’s something else on this song (because everything is ok when i load another song) : i can’t succeed to do slide notes with the VSTi (with programming notes on alternated subtracks). Maybe it could be a problem coming from the VSTi (Crystal, an ambiant synth) ?

Or maybe this two problems are linked ?

Any idea ?

Note off depends on what options you have set in the Instrument Envelopes ( and how you have set the NNA option in the sample preferences.

VSTI receive note-offs according to the MIDI reules, with Renoise internal instruments you have to manually tell Renoise how the instrument should behave when a note-off is send.

Sliding notes on a VSTI should be used by using the pitchbend controller commands, add a 91 in the panning column of the (sub)track right next to the first effect column (it doesn’t matter if it will be the first, second or whatever (sub)track as long as it is next to the effect column), then use the values to pitch bend up or down. 4000 is center/original pitch, 3f to 00 is pitch bend down, 41 to 7f is pitch bend up. The last two digits are fine pitch values.
If a VSTI doesn’t support pitchbend then you are out of luck or try a third party pitch effect.

Nice tip !

it works with crystal synth

thanks a lot

and while i’m thinking about it : is there a way to send a VSTi in the intrument editor of Renoise (for exemple if you have a VSTi synth that not have its own envelope editor) ?

Not possible as far as I know :unsure:

No because the instrument editor properties are applied to internal samples only.

You can automate parameters from a VSTI by means of the Automation Device, it allows you to select your target VST instrument and you can select 14 parameters that you want to automate and then in the automation window go to the automate device tree and select the preprogrammed parameters to control.
If you need to control more than 14 parameters, add another automation device to control the same VSTI and select another 14 parameters.

Yeah, I know this feature (and i love it !)

Another question (sorry :ph34r: ) : i’ve wrote my melody with the tip you gave me (pitchbend controller command) but there is something that seems to be a bug.

When I play the pattern, the CPU% (on the right top of renoises) goes high and when it’s around 80%, a error window pops. It says :

"The audio engine was stopped, because it used to much CPU for a quite long time.

Note : You can disable this behavior in the audio preferences pan"

Maybe the pitchbend controller command feature needs a lot of CPU but I’m working on a quand core so I find it quite weird. Anybody knows that ?

I’ll mail the Renoise team if you don’t

If this is regarding crystal, crystal is pretty cpu hungry, i have never used pitchbend upon it though. On a quadcore this seems odd indeed.
But if your audio does not choke, you can uncheck the CPU load threshold button in the audio preferences. (I have this turned off by default as for my quadcore only supplies peaks in those ranges but never crackling)

Well, i’ll try to do that next time : my melody is just ridiculous so i won’t use the pitchbend controller on this song :P

Thanks anyway

Modifying the number of “Realtime audio CPUs” setting may help you aswell.