Note Off Row And Smart Note Off Row

hi !!!

what is it??? can you explain please …?

…and… what is the capital key ??? cap lock ?

Aaaaalalaaaaaaaaa i really need a manual …

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i think the smart note off removes a previous note off, if there is one. you´ll avoid needless note offs.
but maybe i´m wrong ;)

the smartnoteoff not only removes the old one … it’s for comfortable noteoff-editing because you can moving and inserting a noteoff at the same time… it’s an adapted MED feature - coz MED user used a hold-command instead of noteoff

in MED we build the length of a MIDI-note like this:

0|0 ----> “|” hold
000 -----> no hold = note off

inserting of the hold command was really simply by pressing the Return key in MED … and an editing feeling like the use of hold-pedals on pianos

after a long discussion “we” (old MED users & the devs of Renoise) we found smartnoteoff … not the same like in MED but the same in the style of editing.

it’s simply repeated or movable inserting of one noteoff after a note

hard to understand for non-former-MED users, but I think many people are using it now with pleasure B)

aaaaw, now i remember :rolleyes: