Note Off too Abrubt - Howto do a GRADUAL Note Off ??

If I play a VST synthesizer it just drones on until I hit CAPS LOCK note off. But it just goes from 100% volume to 0% almost instantly. If I space the note off to be four lines away I get three lines of full blast then it drops off a cliff to no volume.

I then did a Oxx fade out command and it doesn’t fade jack squat. For xx I tried F, 7F, CF and FF. It sounds exactly the same as without the effect. I want it to sound like how I kit a music keyboard. Go from 0% to 100% volume rapidly, then tail off the sound over the next second to nothing. Not YELL in my ear and then all of a sudden go mute.

EDIT: And I just thought to go 8 lines out and put the effect command changing in each line, 1F, 2F, 3F, 4F, 5F, 6F, etc etc. and still the fade out effect does nothing.

any synthesizer

Is it a VST or AU plugin instrument? Edit: You fixed your post.

Those sample commands only work on Renoise’s own sample-based instruments, so if it’s a plugin then you’ll have to edit the volume envelope (usually some form of ADSR) inside the plugin itself. Renoise cannot control how the plugin processes its own audio.

When using sample-based instruments in Renoise, you can use the Sampler Modulations to shape the volume, how it fades in, how it fades out after a note-off, and so on.

Yes, it’s a VST synthesizer. If I play a note with my midi controller it will properly record the ramp up and ramp down of the note depending how hard I hit the key. But I prefer to work off the computer keyboard.

It doesn’t have to be perfect but how can I tell Renoise to quickly ramp up my VST note and then gradually ramp down until I note off? I could just do it once on my midi keyboard and then record the settings Renoise imports into the pattern editor. But are there default commands I can do to quickly ramp up my VST note and then gradually ramp down? I don’t want to sculpt every chord I create. That’d take forever. Basically make it sound normal. Like this… blue is what’s happening now and Orange is what happens when I use my midi keyboard, I want to use my computer keyboard and easily get the orange line

If the VST is responding differently to the velocity of the notes you play, then you can program those note velocities into the pattern editor’s volume column.

5875 renoise-note-velocity.png

80 is max velocity
40 is half velocity
20 is quarter velocity
and so on…

That works with the volume velocity. I’m going to do that. I appreciate your help.