Note Off

Why doesn’t the NOTE OFF function works when an effect as been applied to a track? This is esspecially irratating in those dead stops when you have delay effected sound continuing. Please help!!!

sorry, maybe it’s just me, but i really didn’t get what your problem is all about.

the note off command (we’re talking about that “horizontal bar” you can add in the pattern editor(note column), i hope) is usually NOT influenced by any VST or internal trackeffects. it just let’s the sustain of a note decay, regardless of any inserted FX.

but i guess you’re talking about something else, which i unfotunately have not been able to comprehend :huh:

NOTE OFF stops the note not the channel-FX that why it’s named NOTEoff not FXoff ;)

to stop FX u can switch off the different FX by a pattern-command

FF00 in your effect collumn should stop all sounds and effects for the current track.

Thanks guys, sorry was me being a little thick!!!

FF00 was what I was after. Cheers for that.


On a related note: That FX on/off option is a thing of beauty. Such control is only possible in tracker interfaces, I guess. I could do something-ish in FL Studio, but only by automating/connecting stuff in a difficult way.

I’m learning Renoise all over again. :P The sample/instrument selection (FT2 style) is something I still can’t get my heard around after years of Impulse, but I’m trying)