Note-offs From Keyboard Control

Hi; Just wondering why the “keyup” strokes from my computer keyboard don’t register in the pattern arranger when recording… ‘follow pattern while playing’ is on.


macbook 2.16ghz core2duo
renoise 1.8.0

FWIW, I’ve been looking in the prefs for a setting that would ‘enable’ this, but this seemed to be in past versions of Renoise… any help?

can no one help with this?
am i imagining things??

i suppose i should upgrade to the new version, but for various reasons i can’t until this weekend… in the meantime can anyone tell me if this is a documented bug?


I believe note-offs are only recorded from an actual MIDI keyboard, not your computer keyboard. It’s been that way since at least v1.5 as far as I can tell. When using a computer keyboard you must input the note-offs manually.


Sorry, can’t help you. Tutorials state that this should work, but ticking “record note-offs” in preferences seems to be effective only when played from a midi-device. Same thing in both 1.8 and 1.9 beta 3.

Edit: dBlue beat me to it. If he is correct, the tutorial should be changed.

that’s a feature AND a bug, IMHO.

technically the keyboard is NOT outputting MIDI data.
it gets translated via a dictionary on a low level, AFAIK.
for it to be in that section of the prefs is a bit confusing… maybe the preference-tab could be labeled “MIDI/Keyboard”, instead of just “MIDI”.

it’s great to hear about it!
thanks for the tip… wouldn’t have thought to check there.


The keystrokes on your PC/Mac keyboard register a note-off when recording if your currently selected instrument is filled.
If you pick an empty instrument note-offs will not be registered during recording.
If you want just manually insert a note-off then hit caps-lock in edit -mode on the note-position you require the note-off instead.

It’s weird because in the back of my mind I seemed to vaguely remember the note-off’s being recorded - I even had a weird dream this morning where I was using Renoise and doing that exact thing (damn reading this forum very late at night, haha)… but every time I tried to test it last night it wouldn’t work, even when I did have an instrument selected (it’d be pretty silly trying to record notes from a blank instrument, eh?).

Then I noticed something else which makes complete sense but is perhaps a little confusing at first: When the instrument is sample-based, a note-off will only be recorded if the sample itself is still actually playing when you release the key. If the sample is very short like some kind of percussive sound (which I was foolishly testing it with last night), you might not see the note-off being recorded because the sample has actually finished playing before you’ve even released the key… No point in using a note-off is there’s nothing to stop in the first place!

So, to greenGoat, sorry for any misleading info from me earlier!