note on warezing

in case you are wondering are there renoise warez, there are some old obsolete version.

in case you are wondering are they reliable and safe to run, they are not:

we’ve recently discovered a “warez” that is supposed to be a “full” version but it actually contains the trial exe which is modified (not binary identical), and few kb longer (that is possible indication of backdoor/virus/trojan) and doesn’t work as it should! You have been warned! If you don’t believe me you can try binary compare by yourself. and the “pirates” don’t care about your system integrity as we do (our registrations depend on that!)

by running such version you are risking your system integrity, your security and your privacy. note: virus killers will not detect this “custom-made” trojans (that is the reason they are not recognized as they are not known to mass public nor reported to anti-virus companies).

do you want to be on safe side?

the only source you can get original and non-backdoor Renoise is and nowhere else. By using any other version even if it is a trial from your “best” friend you are risking your system integrity/security. don’t complain to us we are not producing that version.

registering renoise is also a way to be safe against such menaces. each new version is packed right after compilation and carefully checked
against known viruses before publishing! this is what we didn’t note so far but obviously it needs to be noted now to see that we care about your system integrity!

also the license doesn’t care if the version was given away, stolen or anything. the user license terminates without notice in any case and you can’t do anything to appologize to us nor to please us to get it back. We don’t care about such people

we have the best possible registration deal we know of and we are very fair to our users - but don’t believe me, ask us with a problem and see how much effort we put into solving your problem, contact us, look at registered user options… evaluate trial 10000 times and then when you are 100% sure only then register…

Deleting the thread was the best thing to do - these sort of things shouldn’t be handled so “out in the open” especially since names were named. I’m sure you can see the problems.

The future of programs like Renoise has more than one source.
On one hand it depends on developers… on the other depends on us.
People keep registering? Developers receive money, that mean they can continue developing instead of finding themselves a second job to “round the month”… that mean better developing, faster releases, more job done and a positive mood.
I would probably agree with you in a normal situation… but this Renoise community we’re part of it’s something like a big ship… so I guess nobody would ever like to walk among other users suspecting one or the other… or worst, being suspected by other users.
If you people know anything, at this point, it would be right to know.
That’s only my opinion, of course… <_<
…maybe I’m missing some very important point? :huh:

i don’t like to accuse someone as a “guest”.

0xdbass is registered user true, but he is not the one that distributed this and unless we see it we cannot suspect on him. but we may take a closer look or be more carefull about him. if you want really we can put a name into public but we are not like that. so far this hasn’t been a problem at all and like i wrote even this version isn’t working as it is supposed to. and until it happens we shouldn’t take too drastic measures.

you can’t accuse people that are guilty just because you suspect it. this is where we have disadvantage because we have to play by the rules and be fair while pirates can play by any rules they want. this has always been a problem with a software.

ok, unless i’ve been misunderstood: what is your name?

guest >>>

I saw the original post and I didn’t reply to it because I thought it was a bit fishy and that the people it involved should comment on it first.

Now, In the IRC log it was said that the file had been altered so that the origin of it would be protected… …and then he put HIS NAME on the release? Yeah, that makes sence…

It was also said that the file had been stolen and that the renoise user was unaware of this.

So my question is: In what way is it clear that the guy you accuse is the one who released this?

Oh, and the reason why you should identify yourself is that a named “vitness” is alot more credible then an annonymous one.

“Let him who is without sin cast the First Stone.”.

If you don’t want your own name to be public, then please stop accusing people for something thay may not have been done. Everyone is always innocent until proven guilty. And your loose accusations isn’t realy proof.
It is realy easy to throw mud at people when youself can be anonymous, and how can we be sure about that your not the person that is guilty to all this and just want to put attention on somebody else?

Bit silly not putting your name up as the invision board shows the administrator your IP address so it wouldn’t be that difficult to trace…

About warez though, I would much rather support the programmers of this excellent program and receive a safe up to date version of the software on the day of release and also have the betas made avalible to try out before anyone else than have some dodgey, out of date version that is gonna stick a trojan on my computer and enable someone, somewhere access to my computer…

Phazze, Taktick and all the other team members didn’t have to make this software public, they could of developed it for themselves but they didn’t and therefore should have some reward for all the hard work they put into it…

For god sake why crack Renoise??? It makes no sense?

You say, then people can test the software, but they already can because
the non registered version is almost identical to the registered…It even lets you save songs!!!

Anyone can use the nonregistered version of Renoise as much as they want, its just there to download…

But if you like the software and want to support the development then register…

I can see the sense in cracking software like 3d programs, that almost nobody can afford, but cracking a free software like Renoise that is cheap to register, thats like stealing from help organisations…

Btw I can say I´m making music with registered software only!!!

Its cheaper to buy Renoise than a pair of pants!!!

Yep. Me too.

lol, if you surf a forum thru a proxychain you realy have something to hide. This just sounds more and more suspicios…
And the question is why you are so much more eager for run a person in than the renoise team… ;)