note playback during song playback

Hi, maybe someone can help me.

I’m using a midi keyboard and i want to record some notes. So player following is disabled, recording is active, pattern is playing. I can record notes, but these notes aren’t played. Is there any hidden option to enable note playback during song playback in recording mode?


Funny you should emphasize that, because this is most likely the reason you hear nothing.
Or at least, you’ll hear nothing until the playback position reach the notes you just recorded (the edit position)

Any particular reason you have disabled this during recording? I’d say it’s pretty useful see where recording takes place.

When you do step recording, it’s recording on cursor position not on play position. So the pattern will be played and I just want to hear the notes I’m pressing during this. It’s playing when you are not in recording mode. So why would it be useful to disable this during step recording, when the pattern or song is played?

The basic idea is that when you have Pattern Follow disabled, you are intending to work on other parts of the song while it’s playing, and you simply want to avoid interrupting what is currently being heard. But when the player position does finally reach the new stuff you’ve recorded, then you will hear it being played for real.

Imagine that you’re performing live, for example: You have your song playing and you wish to make some edits here and there, but you don’t necessarily want the audience to hear every random note you’re recording into the pattern, and maybe you even make some horrible typos and then quickly need to fix stuff.

@dblue: Ok i understand this :) But it would be a nice feature. Could be a button or an option in the preferences to turn it on and off (default).