Note Stuck On Perminently. Please Help


Ive been using trackers since octamed. Ive dabbled with cubase etc etc but just cant get away from them. I have been using my Amiga all these years but feel it is now time to start tracking on a machine where I can take advantage of cheap soft synths.

I love renoise. Just downloaded it today, gonna give the demo a whirl and if I get on OK with it ill be registering.

All is going better than I thought it would. Its very straight forward.

Only problem I am facing is one of my tracks plays the first note in its sequence and then that note is stuck on forever with no release. If I watch my soft synth the keys stay depressed so this isnt just me needing to turn the sustain down etc. The note will change but then that becomes the new stuck down note.

I have tried…

1 - Deleting the instrument and track and starting over.
2 - Trying a completely different instrument.
3 - Deleting instrument AND track and using a different inst and track.
4 - Inserted ‘off’ after each note. This actually works however I need some notes to be 1/16 timings and there’s no time to input the ‘off’ command.

Can anyone advise me on how to stop this from happening.

Sure, notes stay down until there is new note or noteoff coming up.

If you want to use 16th notes, decrease speed, or use faster tempo.

I usually track with speed 3 which gives me neccesary space. (Basically you get 16th notes this way. One beat is 8 rows instead of 4 then).

Also you may try this, not sure if it works with VSTi:

Hi, thanks for your reply but but you haven’t read my post properly.

Yes notes in trackers can linger but that isnt what is happening here. The note on the soft synth is permanently pressed. On my baseline track to use as an example the notes on the keyboard play as the notes change. Not play and stay down.

I have tracks on the same patten that perform perfectly.

I’m guessing its a setting ive activated by accident.

I don’t get it really, but you can send the XRNS so I can take a look at it.

Its my crap explaining m8 :]

Ill try a diffent way. OK, open a new song in renoise.

1 - Assign an instrument you can watch as it plays the pattern. I am using a VSTi.

2 - Type something random and often in the pattern.

3 - Watch the keyboard on the actual VSTi soft synth press all over the place briefly as the notes are played from Renoise. Sounds daft but as if the invisible man were playing live.

OK, this is how I know and understand trackers to be. On the above ‘step 3’ on my renoise demo when watching the keys press down as the track dictates they do not come back up, ever. This is not correct. This is resulting in the note being stuck on for as long as the key is stuck for.

On my other tracks in step 3 the key immediately comes back up after the note has passed as it should.

Why is any new track im adding now suddenly stuck?

You can use the note cut command:
fx - Notecut after x ticks. (0 - e)

(can be used in the panning or volume column)

it may be that the note sustain is active for that VSTi by default, which is strange by the way.
which VSTi are you uisng?

try if sending a MIDI sustain off CC message works:

assuming your VSTi is instrument 01:

not in vl pn comm  
--- 01 -- 90 4000  

this will send 00 as value for MIDI CC# 64 (40 hex) on instrument 01, thus switching portamento off

@ Dan noise

Hi there. It seems alot of excessive work to have to do each time I add a track. In my ancient Octamed I don’t have any of this.

I just type the notes and they play. If ever they linger its because of a synth setting like release or sustain. This isnt the case here.

@ It-Alien


I have used the same VSti throughout m8. IE multiple versions of the Pro53. The first few tracks work ok and now they dont’

It seems very odd how my first 6 tracks went on no problem.

Now ever other track I add has this.

I have Pro53. Can you please send an example XRNS song by email to it-alien@renoise… in order for me to check if you are doing something wrong?

will do m8, thanks for your support

what’s your Email m8. I need the end bit IE .com or .de or whatever.


I did not write it fully to avoid spammers

OK m8, I guessed it anyhow correctly anyhow. Have emailed you

for the record: received the email and sent back some note-off, FX, Dx, 0Dxx examples

Hi everyone, sorry not in a position to try this out. On my ancient Laptop that would faint if I tried to run VSTi’s etc.

Main PC has died a death and Im not going to swap to a used powermac as Im sick to death of windows.

Ill update this thread when I get ‘swapped’ and sorted but it may be a week or so.

Thanks for all help so far. From what I saw or Renoise it is the program for me.

All though I haven’t been able to try IT Alien’s advice yet I would like to publicly thank him for his detailed support.

caps lock anyone ?