note value patch # matrix

this could be very useful for the ones who like to use (monotimbral) synths for making beat/ percussion:

a matrix that allows mapping note areas to patch numbers.
so for examample, a c-4 to c#-4 would play patch # 01 and a d-4 to d#-4 plays patch 02 etc…

ok, i assume sending a prog change before the note on would probably result in a little delay, but i guess it would be tiny small and unimportant (at least with softsynths)

Perhaps neglible on some softsynths, but often the result would be that the note is never played… But if a note is assigned to not only a patch, but also a channel, that problem wouldn’t be there.

you mean controlling several instances of one synth?

No, sending notes to different midi channels on a single synth. But that will work only on multitimbral, I saw now that you wrote monotimbral… ;)