Noted 2.7.2 Annoyances

Just thought I’d post a few things that’s been bothering me…

It takes a long time to swap between the different views the first time you do it (F2, F3 etc). I’ve had crashes when doing that the first time as well on complex tracks with plenty of VSTi’s etc.

When solo’ing a track with a send it naturally solos the send as well, but when you unsolo the track you have to go to the send and un-solo that by hand. Would be great if Renoise could figure out if the send still needs to be active (in case more than one track was solo’d and both would use it) and un-solo it automatically.

A purely cosmetical thing, I just loaded a song and while it was loading I could still go into the menues at the top left but not select anything there. Renoise was probably loading Kontakt libraries at the time or similar.

The un-solo thing is actually really bothering me. Sure I can un-solo through the track scopes but when you’re in the channel strip mode (f2) you have to get out and back to do that… or scroll far right and back.

Loving it to bits otherwise!


I just realized something… the un-solo thing works on one level, as in one track sending to a send. If that send is then sending to another send, that second send will not automatically get un-solo’d. So it works well most of the time but if you have nested sends, not so much. Thanks.

I believe the old Solo mode is what is now called Mute Others in the options but I may be mistaken…

this may be due to complex file/folder structures when showing the Disk browser; do your slowest view presets include showing of the disk browser?

please report crashes by including the crash report available clicking on “Help => Show Log file”; this will help the team inspecting and solving the problem

Indeed it does. It might just be my system then.

Cool. Didn’t know it was that easy to get to the log. Will do that next time! Thanks.

Thanks, that works better with nested sends but does not of course remember the mute channels, which is nice. Thanks for the tip though, I would like to see the solo function work a bit better still but I can deal with this a bit better by doing what you suggest… cheers!

I am curious, maybe someone could enlighten me…

Why the change to new solo mode?

What is the benefit to it? Seems to be very un-intuitive.

Is it just me?

Hardware mixer (USB) compatibility. Plug and play stylez.

Actually, the really annoying thing here is that even though it takes a lot of time to switch to a preset that has the browser open, the browser will still be reset to highlight the first file in the current folder! That drives me nuts sometimes :slight_smile: I am in the browser, deep down a folder in some drum hits, add one of them to the instrument, switch over to a different view that does not include the browser (to change something of the sample or so), switch back to to preset with browser and I have to search the sample where I was before again, by scrolling through the whole list.

does the subfolder structure of the currently visible folder contain a network and/or USB drive? this may also significantly reduce the inspection time.

another hint is to divide your collection into subfolders if you havent’ already done so

The old solo behaviour was one of my main annoyances in previous versions. If I had a few muted tracks in my song, the solo function was became unusable, as I had to manually mute these tracks again after soloing a track.