NoteOff + FT2 style spacebar..

It’s been very hard to me to find something to nag about in renoise… I had to find something - ANYTHING and here it goes :P

There’s option to change between FastTracker<—>Renoise style the Edit/Stop button (Spacebar)

Would it be hard-to-do thing to change noteoff button under same button where is it in FastTracker (Between in left-Shift & Z) when “Fast Tracker like Edit/Stop” is used…?

…LoL could I explain that any harder? :wink:

Anyway, I feel it’s strange to press CapsLock for that…

Hi I think a problem might be with your keyboard – I have NO key between LeftShift and Z! :drummer:

Hmm… In european(?) at least in Finnish keyboard, there’s button for < & > & | between left shift & Z - However my point is not where the key is located in keyboard, I’m just asking if it could be possible to place noteoff button under same button where is it when using Fast Tracker…

In 1.2 you can set up the keyboard shortcuts yourself.

btw I too have < & > (but not |) next to z on my norwegian keyboard,
but in ft2 it was capslock that was the note-off key.


I knew you guys won’t let me down! :smiley: