Noteoff Hold Down

all keys on my computer keyboard you can hold them down, but not with the noteoff which at the moment is set to ‘grave’ i think it’s called. So is it renoise or keyboards? I have a UK keyboard obviously and the grave key is on the top left above the Tab key, not sure if it’s the same on foriegn keyboards.

I need to be able to hold it down because some times I like to set the editstep to somthing other than 1, and have it rush down dropping note offs, I know i sound really lazy and you’re all like, why don’t you just tap it fast?? well the answer to that is im lazy :P :)


no it’s not the kayboard look: `````````````````````````````` and i was holding it down.


Shift and capslock helps… But you’re right, it’ annoying “taptaptaptap”