Noteoffing midi/vst instruments


Nice to see that in 1.2 efforts have been made to get around the terrible quantization - I refer to “rec NoteDelays” feature.

However, I still have this quantization problem that annoys the hell out of me ('scuse my french): I can’t noteoff midi or vst instruments earlier than at the next step. Volume slicer effect (04xx) or note cut (Fx at panning row) don’t work on for midi or vst, which is I guess because they don’t send noteoff but just silence the sampler.

(Notedelay (Dx) works for Noteoff though, allowing less quantized noteoffing, but by earliest it’s possible after one full step.)

I run into this problem when I want to do for example a really fast string riff (ti-ti-dii). My current workaround is obviously to expand the pattern and double the BPM, but then I can see less and it makes pattern editing unnecessarily difficult :(. Can anybody suggest anything else (besides not doing such silly string riffs)?

A sequencer track would solve this issue too… Though then I start to wonder why I’m not using a sequencer in the first place? Anyway, respect to RNS team.