Notes Cutting Out?

Hi all. I’m working on a track with my brother with the latest version of renoise. It is littered with VST effects, VST synths, and has samples too. However, some tracks occasionally cut out and I don’t know why. It is not always the same track - sometimes it is a track with a synth, other times it could be a track with samples. Also, they cut out at different times - for instance a synth might cut out temporarily after a minute, but if I restart the song it cuts out at a different time. Also, this happens when I render, not just when I play!

Any ideas what might be causing this? we’re both running powerful PCs (half a gig ram, 3gig processor) so I’m lost. I’m using an Edirol UA3FX usb soundcard.


about the problem when rendering, try this:

  • open the task manager, and raise renoise.exe priority to “above normal”
  • render with “real” priority

Thanks, I’ll try it tonight!