Nothing fancy, but what do you think?

A new song made in Renoise 2.8 :rolleyes: Nothing good or special, but what do you think?

I thought it was good. Definitely no reason to beat yourself down over it :) What synths are you using?

Fun to hear! I used ReFX Vanguard, ReFX Nexus, Superwave P8 and Synth1 in that song ;)

Hm, Nexus was making me drool when I checked it out. :walkman: Thanks for that information. Too bad I spent my yearly VSTi allotment on lesser synths, ha ha.

house is not that i usually prefer but it’s work for me i really like your main melody

Only the Guitar sound is from Nexus in this track I think, but yeah Nexus sounds really good :rolleyes:

Thank you.