Nothing Happens?

I’m very new to this, I’m still using Octamed as my main sequencer but I wanted to give the new Renosie a try. Afterall, I paid for it :)
But even the easiest thing seems impossible now: I can’t add notes to the sequencer… When edit (esc button) is active, and I want to record a note, nothing shows in the sequencer. It does go one step down in the editor, but no note appears.
Also, I can’t play a sequence, not even the demo songs… The play button lights up, but that’s it.

This is silly, isn’t it? What could I be doing wrong?

Try loading up the demo songs that came with the installation to see if you get any audio at all. And make sure you have configured a sound card (DirectX or ASIO) in the config/audio section.

yeah it sounds like the sound card isn’t properly configured. i had this same thing happen when i tried to load 2 instances of renoise both using asio

Thanks guys!

I was too quick asking my question here. I reinstalled Renoise and checked my soundcard, all seemed well except the plug to the soundcard wasn’t plugged in correctly, it did light up eventho didn’t make proper contact…
I guess that must have caused the trouble.

Thanks again, very nice of you to reply so quickly!