Novation Nocturn

I read some good reviews about this controller, included in the renoise forum. I’d like to buy one ! :D
But I also read that the potentiometers don’t work anymore after a couple of month :panic:
Anyone got this problem ?

Well, my unit is working after 4 months. But, there have been inherent problems with the potentiometers on it right from the beginning, as they are not always able to sense really fast movements. Don’t know if it’s a hardware or software issue though (crossing my fingers that it’s the latter, as a software upgrade might fix this problem).

PS: I’ve also got the Remote SL MK II, which doesn’t exhibit this problem.

I’m going to buy this thing. With 2 years of guaranty it should be alright

I’m really interested in the Nocturn Keyboard controller. Looks totally awesome. Does anyone have any opinion on this one? It seems to be pretty new on the market (isn’t even available in Poland yet).

yeah i have a nocturn. had it for quite a while now, it works fine, although yeah out the box one of the pots was a little dodge, its like danoise said they don’t always register quick movements too well. The response on the crossfade is laggy too, you couldn’t mix with it and do quick cuts. i think its an O.K. controller for the money but i don’t think the build quality is that great. i also dislike the fact you have to have the Automap software running to use it, even just to get a normal MIDI signal out of it. I probably wouldn’t buy it again, I also have a Korg NanoKontrol which I think is a much better piece of kit, much nicer to use. That said I don’t use the Nocturn for the automap features, I just wanted normal midi… so if you want the automap stuff its probably a more attractive prospect.