Novation products with Automap, experience?

Automap (the program) should work with Renoise. I’ve never tried because i hate it (Automap, not Renoise).

Reading through the old posts made me think. Novation made special ‘automap’ templates for the most popular programs, included in the device at the launch of the Remote. Logic, Ableton, Reason, etc. These templates communicate from the program (hard coded) to control surface via bi-directional sysex, and use MIDI CCs for setting parameters.

In the case of Reason it works via their proprietary ‘Remote’ system and is programmed in plain Lua with files that get installed outside of the program in a preferences folder, as part of Reason. Novation packed their code as a binary, I managed to unpack it, and now have the Lua source for the Remote SL remotemap, and have been hacking it on and off for a while. It’s pretty complicated, but i can’t see anything that couldn’t be done using a Lua script to make an ‘automap’ template for Renoise as a tool.

The program listens for certain CC messages and passes these to Reason as control messages, and then it reads and writes sysex to the Remote SL to update the displays depending on activity inside the program, like instrument/track selection etc.

There is a developer doc for the Remote SL 2 which also has info about the first generation Remote too. And an SDK for Automap system:

Can’t find the link to the doc any more and have no idea how to attach it. The copy i have is called ‘SLMKII MIDI Programmer’s Reference’, maybe a search will find it. If anyone is interested in this i can send all the stuff through. I gave up after a while as it took me so long figure out i lost interest.

The only reason I have automap installed is because I own a SL-MKII, and it requires Automap in order to accept incoming MIDI.

And why do I need to accept incoming MIDI? Because Duplex :slight_smile:

Re wrapping plugins: not even sure how well that still works with never plugins, but I’d be careful

Most people i know refer to it as auto-crap!

I have the Novation Remote SL 2 as my main tabletop keyboard, never use automap

I’ve heard on the grapevine that Novation have something very exciting coming soon

I’ve heard on the grapevine that Novation have something very exciting coming soon

hmmm! question is, will it work with renoise?

a controller with visual readouts of paramters and values a la push or maschine is a bit of a dream for me

So I just got an email from Novation saying they were discontinuing Automap and that all software for the SL series will stop working at the OS-X Catalina update. I contacted them and they told me that they would not help.

I’ve been hunting this “Programmers Reference” doc and can’t find it anywhere. Any chance you could send it my way?

Here u go: SLMKII MIDI Programmers Reference.pdf (264.3 KB)

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Amazing. You are a gentleman and a scholar!